Advent is our wake-up call to look beneath the glitter of the season to deeper realities.

Advent reminds us that what is near-by for the watchful and prayerful follower of Christ is not disaster but redemption.

The commercialization of this season has collateral benefits for us.  It can remind us to look to the deep spiritual needs we all have.  The lights and colors of the season can remind us to look after the beauty and light of our own soul and at the quality of our spiritual life.  The emphasis on giving gifts can remind us that the power of a gift is not in its cost, but the spirit, the care, the friendship it represents.

Even the loneliness of Advent for some people reminds us of the things that really matter and how we can make changes in our life that will center on love of GOD and of neighbor.

God does not want us to be afraid, distant, or envious.  God wants us to come close, very close, so close that we can rest in the intimacy of God as children rest in their mother’s arms.

So, God became a little baby.  Who can be afraid of a little baby??  A baby is completely dependent on its parents, nurses, caregivers.  Yes, GOD wanted to become so powerless as to be unable to eat or drink, walk, play, or work only with the help of many people.

Yes, GOD became dependent on human beings to grow up and live among us and proclaim the good news.  Yes, GOD chose to become so powerless that the completion of GOD’S own mission among us became dependent on us.  How can we fear a baby we rock in our arms, how can we be envious of a baby who only smiles at us in response to our tenderness?

That’s a mystery of Incarnation.


Lord, we welcome You and we adore You in Your coming helpless and needy among us.





                                                                                                            Georgina Moroney