main churchThe Commissions listed below were commissioned by the Parish Council.

Spiritual Life
Seeks to provide direction, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to promote growth and development of the parish faith life.  Meaningful and prayerful celebration of the Sacraments will foster the devotional and prayer life of the members of the parish community.  Organized by the Spiritual Life Commission:    Mass of Remembrance (Nov) to remember those who have had funerals in our parish during the past year, welcome event for new parishioners, book club, Stations of the Cross during Lent, etc Leader: Coleen Basile

Social Justice
Seeks to integrate social justice ministry into the life of the parish; to raise awareness of pressing issues of social concern; to provide opportunities for education on current issues in Catholic social ministry; and to support and actively engage in peace and justice concerns reflecting Catholic Social Teaching through loving service and through legislative and social policy support both locally and beyond.   They have worked with a parish in Haiti, Habitat for Humanity, emergency food and shelter organizations, vegetable garden and on immigration and environmental issues, including recycling.
Leader:  John Yount.

Social Events
Organizes and oversees parish events; e.g., picnic, spaghetti suppers, Christmas party.
Leader:  Susan Royea

Online Communications Commission
Has the responsibility of keeping the parish informed on all phases of the Council’s work and Parish activities through the parish website.  
Leader:  Janel Jorda

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