Serving God in a Special Way

Becoming an Altar Server at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

Altar Servers 001Dear Parent:

Serving God in a special way at the altar is a special ministry for the youth of our Parish. It can be an important element of your child's spiritual growth and development. At St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, children are eligible to become a minister of the altar as an altar server, provided they meet certain requirements.

This ministry is open to all students who are members of our Parish and who are in fourth grade or above and who have received their First Communion. Third graders in the last months of the school year are also eligible. In addition, the child should express an interest in serving on the altar and have the support of their parent/guardian.

How do I sign up my daughter/son?

Give your child's name, address, phone number, email, grade and parent/guardian name to your child's religious education teacher, Evie McCoy (the Coordinator) or send this information to Mary McMahon at the Parish Office on Elm Street.

How is training conducted?

Mary McMahon will coordinate the training. It will be done at each of the three churches in one hour training sessions held after school. Parents are welcome to stay and sit in one of the back pews or come back and pick up their child. There will be adult supervision until your child leaves the church.

What Masses will my daughter/son be assigned to on Saturdays or Sundays?

In becoming a server a student could be assigned to any weekend Mass. Assignments are based on personal choice, the need of the Parish, and the availability of Masses. Some Masses are more popular than others. Every effort will be made to accommodate the preferences of the server or parent, but please note that this may not always be possible. Servers need to have flexibility in being scheduled and, yet as noted above, efforts will be made to accommodate the scheduling and to assign other family members to the same Mass whenever it is possible.

All liturgical ministers are asked to let us know of times when they are unavailable to serve by notifying Patty Silverman who prepares the monthly schedule at 459-6433 or email Once assignments are made and the schedule is out, it is the responsibility of each individual to find a substitute. A Server Contact List is available with telephone numbers and email addresses to help in this regard.

What is the deadline for signing up?

We ask that those interested sign up as soon as possible. Training will begin in February and you will be notified of the dates once we have accumulated all the names.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

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Contact: Mary McMahon at 413-584-7310

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